Silicone rubber compounds

Silicone rubber compounds

We produce high quality silicone rubber compounds

Oil resistant, temperature resistant and weatherproof (ozone-resistant)

The high professional level of specialists, the usage of high quality raw materials, makes production of a wide range of rubber compounds possible.

Bank dannihkontrol kachestva

Over the years of research and practical application - a data bank of various rubber formulas and unique technologies was created. It has more than 2,000 recipes.

Quality control

Raw rubber compound is part of a specially prepared caoutchouc and other components, including stabilizers, fillers, vulcanizing agents, plasticizers, and so on. Selection of additives entirely depends on kind of manufactured product. The main characteristics of the mixture depend on the base mixture caoutchouc’s brand.

Our company produces silicone rubber compounds which are used for manufacture of a various general mechanical rubber goods.

Rubber mixing line with automatic submission of raw materials

We produce the following mixtures brands:

Rubber mixture1315

Rubber mixture1346    

Rubber mixture1347    

Rubber mixture1348   

Rubber mixture1352   

Rubber mixture3825   

Rubber mixture3826   

Rubber mixture4004   

Rubber mixture4161    

Rubber mixture6190   

Rubber mixture7В14    

Rubber mixture7В14-1

This includes silicone rubber compounds which are analogues to such brands as: ИРП-1338, ИРП-1339, ИРП-1401, К-69.

Besides, the company produces silicone gaskets, rings, bushings, collars, sealings, cords, sealing molds, various non-standard products at the individual request of the client.

If you need high-quality oil-resistant silicone products –  Ltd. Rezinoplast is at your service. Please contact us!

General mechanical rubber goods plant produces high-quality silicone rubber compounds:

  • Weatherproof (ozone-resistant) (from -50 to + 250 ° C, temporarily up to 300 ° C);
  • Oil-resistant (from -40 to + 120 ° C).

We produce sealing molds of different cross-sections and complexity for thermostatic equipment (smokehouses, mini-bakehouses, dryers, autoclaves and other equipment) of silicone rubber compounds.

We produce gaskets, rings, collars and other rubber parts for operated at high temperatures components, mechanisms and engines of oil-resistant silicone rubber compounds.

We produce silicone rubber compounds which are analogues to such brands as: ИРП-1338, ИРП-1339, ИРП-1401, К-69.

If you would like to purchase silicone rubber compounds, please contact Igor Anatolievich, he is directly engaged in silicone production.

Igor Anatolievich – 067-632-41-18

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Oil-resistantsiliconering (силиконовые маслостойкие кольца)

Molded sealing strip of any complexity(Профильрезиновыйуплотнительный любой сложности)

Silicone rubber compounds (Силиконовыерезиновыесмеси)

High quality products from the general mechanical rubber goods plant Ltd. "Rezinoplast".

Quality products from the manufacturing plant RTI products 
 OOO «Rezinoplast»

The quality of all products is very high and confirmed quality certificate  Logotip TÜV SÜD ISO 90012008