Rubbered conveyor rollers and rubber rings for conveyor rollers

Rubbered conveyor rollers and rubber rings for conveyor rollers.


Enterprise Rezinoplast manufactures rubber rings for conveyor rollers, bushed with rubber rings.

Rollers can be bushed with rubber (bushed rollers) or tightened by rubber rings (snubber rollers).

To manufacture snubber rollers we use high duty rubber, which is also thermo resistant, not ignitable that guarantees long term usage of snubber rollers.


Накартинке- Conveyor roller  layout, configuration and rubber ring layout.

List of rings and conveyor rollers that you can order or purchase:

Conveyor roller ring 250х152х60х50

Conveyor roller ring 132х99х39

Conveyor roller ring 133х105х86х38

Conveyor roller ring 127х99х25

Conveyor roller ring 195х125х99х30

Conveyor roller ring 117х99х35

Conveyor roller ring 290х242х190х50

Conveyor roller ring 185х168х158х50

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If you haven’t found a required roller in this list - contact our managers and they will calculate the price of an ordered item. 

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The quality of all products is very high and confirmed quality certificate  Logotip TÜV SÜD ISO 90012008