Rubber rings

Sealing rubber O-rings for hydraulic and pneumatic units.

All rings are manufactured in accordance with GOST 9833-73

Кольца резиновые

Sealing rubber O-rings for hydraulic and pneumatic units GOST 18829-73,GOST 9833-73 are manufactured for working in adjustable and fixed joints of hydraulic, fuel,  oiling and pneumatic devices  at temperatures  -60 + 200 depending on the rubber group  and at pressure up to 50 MPa in fixed joints and up to  32 MPa in adjustable joints in mineral oils, liquid fuel,  dispersoid solutions, oiling, fresh and seawater; up to  40 MPa in fixed joints and up to 10 MPa in adjustable joints in compressed air.

Sealing rubber O-rings for hydraulic and pneumatic units GOST 18829-73, GOST 9833-73: nominal ring sizes in accordance with GOST 9833-73 are defined by two parameters: inside diameter and annular cross-section. In symbolic notation the inside diameter is round upwards, the annular cross-section notion is multiplied by 10. Thus nominal ring sizes mentioned in symbolic notation are:

- inside diameter  3,8mm  allowing -0,2 mm.

Also our enterprise manufactures quality silicone oil resistant tings.

If required you can order any ring of the below listed:

Rubber O-rings

Ring 006-010-25

Ring 008-012-25

Ring 008-018-50

Ring 009-013-25

Ring 010-014-25

Ring 012-016-25

Ring 014-019-30

Ring 015-019-25

Ring 016-020-25

Ring 016-021-30

Ring 017-020-19

Ring 017-021-25

Ring 017-022-30

Ring 018-022-25

Ring 019-024-40

Ring 020-025-30

Ring 022-027-30

Ring 022-028-36

Ring 024-028-25

Ring 024-029-30

Ring 024-030-36

Ring 024-032-40

Ring 025-030-30

Ring 025-031-30

Ring 025-031-36

Ring 026-031-30

Ring 026-032-36

Ring 027-032-25

Ring 028-033-30

Ring 028-036-46

Ring 029-035-36

Ring 030-034-25

Ring 030-035-30

Ring 030-037-32

Ring 030-038-46

Ring 031-039-44

Ring 032-038-36

Ring 032-040-46

Ring 034-040-36

Ring 035-040-30

Ring 035-043-46

Ring 036-041-30

Ring 036-042-36

Ring 036-044-46

Ring 038-042-25

Ring 038-042-30

Ring 039-045-36

Ring 040-046-36

Ring 040-048-46

Ring 042-048-30

Ring 042-048-36

Ring 044-050-36

Ring 045-053-46

Ring 045-055-53

Ring 046-050-25

Ring 046-052-36

Ring 048-054-36

Ring 050-055-30

Ring 050-056-36

Ring 050-058-46

Ring 050-060-50

Ring 050-060-58

Ring 052-056-25

Ring 052-058-36

Ring 052-066,8-73

Ring 053-063-58

Ring 054-060-36

Ring 055-061-36

Ring 055-063-46

Ring 055-065-53

Ring 055-065-58

Ring 056-060-25

Ring 056-066-58

Ring 058-063-30

Ring 058-064-36

Ring 059-065-36

Ring 060-068-46

Ring 060-070-50

Ring 060-070-53

Ring 060-070-58

Ring 062-070-40

Ring 062-070-46

Ring 063-073-58

Ring 064-070-36

Ring 065-070-25

Ring 065-070-30

Ring 065-071-36

Ring 065-075-53

Ring 065-075-58

Ring 066-076-50

Ring 068-074-36

Ring 068-076-46

Ring 070-075-30

Ring 070-078-46

Ring 070-080-50

Ring 070-080-53

Ring 070-080-58

Ring 071-076-30

Ring 072-078-36

Ring 072-080-46

Ring 074-080-36

Ring 075-080-30

Ring 075-085-53

Ring 075-085-58

Ring 080-086-36

Ring 080-088-46

Ring 080-090-58

Ring 082-088-36

Ring 082-096-70

Ring 084-090-36

Ring 085-090-30

Ring 085-091-36

Ring 085-095-53

Ring 085-095-58

Ring 086-092-36

Ring 089-095-36

Ring 090-095-30

Ring 090-100-58

Ring 091-097-30

Ring 092-102-51

Ring 094-100-36

Ring 095-100-30

Ring 095-102-46

Ring 095-105-53

Ring 095-105-58

Ring 098-104-36

Ring 099-105-36

Ring 100-110-50

Ring 100-110-58

Ring 100х5,3

Ring 102-110-46

Ring 104-110-36

Ring 104-110-40

Ring 104,1х4,9

Ring 105-115-53

Ring 105-115-58

Ring 108-112-30

Ring 110-118-46

Ring 110-120-58

Ring 111-119-40

Ring 111-119-40

Ring 112-118-36

Ring 114-123-30

Ring 115-120-30

Ring 115-125-58

Ring 116,8х70

Ring 118-128-50

Ring 120-125-30

Ring 120-126-36

Ring 120-130-58

Ring 125-130-30

Ring 125-130-36

Ring 125-135-46

Ring 125-135-58

Ring 128х120х14

Ring 128х4,5

Ring 129,5х138х14

Ring 130-140-46

Ring 130-140-58

Ring 130-140-60

Ring 130-152-11

Ring 130,5х5,5

Ring 133-143-50

Ring 135-140-36

Ring 135-145-46

Ring 135-145-58

Ring 135,9х50

Ring 14-0141

Ring 140-150-58

Ring 140-155-85

Ring 142х4

Ring 145-155-58

Ring 150-160-50

Ring 150-160-58

Ring 155-160-36

Ring 155-165-58

Ring 155-165-60

Ring 158х3,8

Ring 160-165-36

Ring 165-175-58

Ring 160-170-58

Ring 165-180-85

Ring 170-180-58

Ring 180-190-58

Ring 185-195-46

Ring 185-200-85

Ring 190-200-46

Ring 190-195-36

Ring 195-200-36

Ring 200-205-36

Ring 200-210-58

Ring 210-220-46

Ring 21,4х5,0

Ring 225-235-58

Ring 24,5х6

Ring 220-230-58

Ring 225-235-58

Ring 230-235-36

Ring 230-240-58

Ring 240-250-58

Ring 250-260-46

Ring 250-260-58

Ring 260-270-58

Ring 265-275-58

Ring 270-280-58

Ring 275-285-58

Ring 280-290-58

Ring 29,2х3,3

Ring 29,4х5,1

Ring 290-300-58

Ring 37,4х5,0

Ring 39,1х5,2

Ring 43,8х4,9

Ring 44,9,х5,4

Ring 52-230-80-91А

Ring 56,2х4,9

Ring 58,6х3,5

Ring 59,7х4,9

Ring 63,0х4,6

Ring 69,2х4,9

Ring 75,6х4,9

Ring 81,9х5,3

Ring 81х5,1

Ring 85,1х4,9

Ring 89,9х5,3

Ring 94,2х4,9

Ring Н-32-25-41

Ring Н-35-38-41

Ring Н-42-35-41

Ring Н-52-45-41

Ring У-0-140-33

Ring У-0-150-33

Ring У-0-160-33

Ring У-0-32-33

Ring У-0-48-33

Ring У-100-95-33

Ring У-105-100-33

Ring У-125-120-33

Ring У-140-0-33

Ring У-32-0-33

Ring У-40-35

Ring У-50-45-33

Ring У-60-55-33

Ring У-65-60-33

Ring У-70-65-33

Ring У-75-70-33

Ring У-80-75-33

Ring У-85-80-33

Ring У-90-85-33

 Rubber rectangular rings

Quad ring 160-171-5,5

Rectangular ring 02-063 (50х31)

Rectangular ring 108,0х4,2х4,7

Rectangular ring 112х130х11

Rectangular ring 118х5,5х6,1

Rectangular ring 137х5,5х61,2

Rectangular ring 155х175х12

Rectangular ring 190-201-55

Rectangular ring 25-20-2

Rectangular ring 30-22-2

Rectangular ring 50,0х2,6х31

Rectangular ring 63,0х4,2х4,7

Rectangular ring 73,0х4,2х4,7

Rectangular ring 75-66,5-2

Rectangular ring 83,0х4,2х4,7

Rectangular ring 84х79

Rectangular ring 93,0х4,2х4,7

Ring of a centrifugal filterМТЗ-50 146х136х5

Ring of a centrifugal filterТ-25 122х130х4

Ring of a centrifugal filterТ-40 130х124х3


Recommendations concerning assembly and exploitation of Sealing rubber O-rings for hydraulic and pneumatic units GOST 18829-73, GOST 9833-73.

Кольца резиновые

While assembling sealing rubber O-rings for hydraulic and pneumatic units GOST 18829-73, GOST 9833-73, rubber rings should be protected from warping, curling and from mechanical damages and cuts.

General assembly scheme if provided on the picture:

  1. set screw;
  2. O-ring (secondary adjustable sealing)[2];
  3. finger which rotates the adjustable ring  4; 4) adjustable ring;
  4. stationary ring;
  5. O-ring  (secondary sealing);
  6. frame;
  7. finger keeping the stationary ring  5;
  8. bushing;
  9. spring group which presses the adjustable ring against the stationary one.

The surfaces of the counterparts should be clean, should not contain abrasives and corrosives. The surface is recommended to be oiled with oiling that is nonreactive with the ring materials or hydraulic fluids that have good oiling properties. 

During assembling the ring goes on the thread of screw, it is necessary to apply work holders covering the thread of screw.

Tools for ring assembly are made of expanded plastic or soft metal with rounded edges.

Rubber sealing rings can be assembled with protective rings or without them, it depends on exploitation conditions. 

After disassembly of the exploited seal assembly it is advised not to use it for the second time. 

The chemical compounding of the working environment should comply with GOST and technical documentation for the seal assembly, device.

If the gas proofing of all the rubber rings (rings, collars pads) is broken simultaneously their replacement provides only a temporary positive effect, this means that the hydraulic fluid contains aggressive components. 

Sealing rubber rings have a tendency to bloat (change their mass) under influence of hydraulic fluids more or less depending on the rubber group.

Bloat degree of rings is checked by placing them in a solution of isooctane and methylbenzene in the ratio 7:3 (by volume) during 24 hours at temperature 23±3 °С. For 1, 2, 3 type rubber the bloat degree (mass change) cannot exceed 35%.

The sealing rings (sealing rubber O-rings for hydraulic and pneumatic units GOST  18829-73, GOST 9833-73) are tested by being placed into petroleum, kerosene oil, dissolvers, and other liquids of this type is impermissible. .


If you haven’t found a required ring in this list - contact our managers and double check the product availability. It is possible that we had finished manufacturing this detail before the list was updated. In terms of an order we can manufacture any ring type including the mold equipment price.

If you want to set up the manufacture of these items at our production plant contact the engineering department to estimate the price of a mold. 

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