Rubber reinforced hose pipes (oxygen and watering)


Rubber reinforced hose pipes (oxygen and watering)


Oxygen and watering rubber hose pipes

Our company produces high quality industrial rubber, reinforced, oxygen and watering hose pipes(hoses).

Watering rubber hose pipes are used for gardens, vegetable gardens, lawns, walkways watering, car wash at ambient temperature from +1 to +45°C.

These hose pipes are durable, smooth inside and reinforced outside. The reinforcement is made of high-strength spiral fibre or steel cord. Usually conditions of watering hose pipes usage are really tough, hence, the product must have high durability, be flexible and resistant to all kinds of mechanical damages. Watering rubber hose pipes are made of three, four and even five layers and may have different colors.

Rubber oxygen hose pipes are used for gas-welding equipment, forced feed of various gas mixtures and liquid objects, etc.

Korean extrusion line was purchased and put into operation in 2013. Reinforced with textile fiber, able to withstand pressure up to 20 bar industrial hoses, automobile and tractor cooling system junction pipes and molds of various structural designs were put into production.

Rezinoplast’s design-engineering department works in close cooperation with the production department, it’s experts can create a project of a tool formation, and develop technology of the desired item production which would meet all the stated objectives and standards in the shortest terms.

Capacities of the enterprise allow to produce up to 7km of  9mm diameter oxygen hose pipe per day.

The line allows to create gas welding, watering, pressure hoses, rubber junction pipes with diameter from 6mm to 80mm. The line is equipped with an automatic measurement system which controls the inner and outer diameters of the hoses, it allows to control the dimension and geometry at the production stage.

There are two kinds of reinforcement: lacing and armoring.

rukava rezinovie21rukav rezinoviy

rubber layer (резиновый слой)

textile reinforcement  (нитяноеусиление)

However, there are some restrictions on the usage of these products. They occur due to the limited functioning of rubber hoses under high pressure. But this factor does not interfere with rubber hoses usage in almost all spheres of production.

Our hoses of excellent quality are used in various fields of industry and agriculture.

Hoses and hose pipes

Rubber pressure Hoses for oxy-fuel gas welding metal cutting GOST 9356-75


Hose I Acetylene

Hose I-6,3-0,63 GOST 9356-75

Hose I-9-0,63 GOST 9356-75

Hose III Oxygen

Hose III-12-2,0 GOST 9356-75

Unreiforced Hoses

Closed mold

Mold ЛБ 21.02.009

T-mold УП 024

Pipe 3,5х7

Pipe 7х13

Garden Hoses

Hose 16х26 В-1,6 mPa GOST 10362-76

Hose 18х26 В-1,6 mPa GOST 10362-76

Hose 20х30 GOST 10362-76

Packing cord


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