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Rubber parking separators


Rubber parking separators.





Rubber parking separators are mainly used to form parking spaces on car parkings, parking complexes, gas stations or other places where it is necessary to create transport logistics and, at the same time, to identify clearparking space. These parking separatorsare auxiliary road barriers, which help to ensure the passive safety of cars and buildings, as well as the separation of parking spaces.

Rubber parking separator is a special trapezoidal fence, that fixed on a flat surface. It is designed to restrict the entry of vehicles, protect buildings or cars from damage during
driving or possible collision in parking lots. 

Theseparking separators are manufactured from high-quality rubber compounds. They are made in the form of a trapezoid with a standard height of 12 cm and a base width of 14.5 cm. Separator is pasted with a special wear-resistant, reflective, 3M ™ Stamark ™ A 650 polymer tape, to attract drivers' attention and for better visibility under low light conditions at night time.

The design of the rubber parking separator consists of one medium and two end elements. If necessary, its length can be increased by addingmore middle elements.

Functions of parking separator:

     -separation of parking places;
     -designation of parking boundaries;
separating of the pedestrian area and bicycle paths from roadway;
     -protection of buildings and their structural elements from accidental collision
swith vehicles;
     -separation of traffic.


Rubber parking separators (assembly diagram)



Rubber parking separators serve as a means of limiting the passage of a car. Also, parking separators are installed in parking lots of shopping and business centers, administrative buildings, as well as near residential buildings to identify parking spaces.

In covered parking lots, warehouses, and in industrial buildings, the rubber separators helpto protect the walls and columns of the rooms. Also, this product can separate areas of pedestrian crossings and dangerous sections of roads.

Rubber parking separator is a universal and multifunctional product that helps to organize parking, as well as safe movement of vehicles on the roadway.

 Our company produces parking separators, which consist of end (side) and central elements. This allows you to adjust the length of the product and, if necessary, quickly replace one part or another without completely dismantling.

separators withstand loads of vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons. Resistant to temperature changes (operating range from -40 to +50 C). Installation of the parking separators is carried out on a hard surface using anchor bolts. Easily mounted and dismantled on the road surface.







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