Rubber linings

Rubber linings.

The enterprise constantly manufactures rubber linings of different types.



 Lining assortment is provided below:

Lining 29.2х10.4

Lining 3.00.02

Lining 31.6х9.3

Lining А35 25 001 (Т-25 bottom)

Lining А35 25 007 (Т-25 top)

Lining А35.32.003 (steering rod arm МТЗ,ЮМЗ)

Bottom Lining 1220-3003028 (МТЗ)

Fuel pump lining МТЗ,ЮМЗ

Steering rod arm lining GAZ-53

Bearing lining 21,5*8,3

Bearing lining 24,2*8,7

Bearing lining 25,2*9

Bearing lining 28,2*11

Lining Ф80-3405109

If you haven’t found a required lining in this list - contact our managers and double check the product availability. It is possible that we had finished manufacturing this detail before the list was updated. In terms of an order we can manufacture any lining type including the mold equipment price.

If you want to set up the manufacture of these items at our production plant contact the engineering department to estimate the price of a mold.

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The quality of all products is very high and confirmed quality certificate  Logotip TÜV SÜD ISO 90012008