Rubber gaskets


Rubber gaskets for trucks and heavy machinery

Gaskets for GAZ, MTZ, KrAZ, MAZ, AMO ZiL-130, GAZelle, Kamaz, Т-150, Т-40, Т-130, SMD, YaMZ, UMZ, DT-75, K-700...

Ltd. Rezinoplast produces a wide range of rubber gaskets for various equipment, trucks, passenger cars and heavy machinery. Over the years, the company significantly improved the quality of these products. The following chart shows some of our rubber gaskets. There is also a list of pads that we produce.


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Over the years, the company has significantly improved the quality of these products. The following pictures show some rubber gaskets of our own make. There is also the list of gaskets that we produce.


Ring gasket 45х60х3,8 (РС-50)

Ring gasket 77.38.185 (big)

Ring gasket 77.38.212 (small)

Gasket 14,7-22-4,1

Gasket 16-25-2

Gasket 40795

Gasket 49.0411.001-1

Gasket 700 40 5019

Gasket 700 40 5373

Gasket 700 404166

Gasket 70С-3404161

Gasket 77.38.168-1 (big)

Gasket 77.38.213 (small)

Radiator tank gasket (DT-75 M04U.13.118)

Radiator tank gasket MTZ (70U.13.01.169)

Radiator tank gasket SMD (150-13010-3)

Radiator tank gasket SMD-31 (250u.13.236)

Radiator tank gasket T-130 (130U.13.030-1)

Radiator tank gasket UMZ upper (36-1301165A)

Radiator tank gasket UMZ lower (36-1301169A)

Cylinder gasket 700 40 53 77

Valve lid gasket GAZ-24, UAZ-B1 21-1007245

Valve lid gasket Gazelle 406 1007245

Valve lid gasket Deutz 04284008

Valve lid gasket KA-AZ 7406.1003270-01

Valve lid gasket T-150

Valve lid gasket T-40 (R-37M-1007419-A2)

Valve lid gasket UMZ (D-65-02-030)

Valve lid gasket YaMZ-236

Valve lid gasket YaMZ 238

Valve lid gasket YaMZ-240 (240-1003270B)

Servo mechanism of transmission control gasket 700 404532

Filter gasket YaMZ


Аdmission pipe gasket AMO ZiL -130 (130-1008114А2)

Rear gasket of Аdmission pipe AMO ZiL -130 (130-1008215)

Front gasket of Аdmission pipe AMO ZiL -130 (130-1008214-Б)

Valve cover gasket AMO ZiL -130 (130-3270А)


Upper gasket 740.111716

Сylinder head gasket 740.1003213-20

Сylinder head gasket 740.1003213-24 (Еuro)

hubcap gasket 740.1117118

Bottomgasket 740.1117114


Side cover gasket GAZ-53 (13-1008080-15)

Rear gasket GAZ-53 (66.1008079)

Valve cover gasket GAZ-53 (13-1007245)

Front gasket GAZ-53 (66.1008081)


Fuel gauge sending unit gasket 214Б-3806026.

Heat exchanger rubber gasket

Valve lid gasketDeutz (04284008)


Please contact our managers if you did not find the desired gasket in this list  to clarify the stock availability. Perhaps we have already produced the item.

If you want to set up the production of these items in our company, contact the engineering department for the mold’s cost calculation.

IMG 5725


Rubber gaskets of round and rectangular cross-section



The company LLC "Rezinoplast" provides services throughout Ukraine and supplies its products to any city of Ukraine, in particular to such cities as Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv, Kherson, Vinnitsa, Mariupol, Kremenchug, Kropivnytsky, Krivoy Rog , Zhytomyr, Melitopol, Chernigov, Chernivtsi, Nikolaev, Lutsk, Poltava, Sumy, Volyn, Rivne, Khmelnitsk and many other cities and also we supply rubber products of our production to such countries as: Germany, France, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, countries of near and far abroad. One of the most important goals of the enterprise is the production of high-quality products and its supply to the countries of the European Union.


In 2015, our company received a certificate of society (the body ) TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH  Logotip TÜV SÜD ISO 90012008