Rubber armored junction pipes for cooling system


Rubber armored junction pipes for cooling system.

Cooling system rubber junction pipes, cooling junction pipes.

Rubber junction pipes for engine cooling system.

patrubki rezinoviye

Rezinoplast enterprise produces various industrial  rubber junction pipes for cooling system (junction pipes, hoses, hose pipes, cuffs, filler blocks, rings, gaskets) which meet international standards. We also produce customised goods according  to drawings or samples of the customer. The company has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing of molds for rubber goods production.

Junction pipes for cooling systems are short tubes which are taps from the main reservoir or pipeline, which also act as the connecting part in cooling systems of agricultural machinery and automobiles. Depending on the connection and the received form, the cooling system junction pipe is provided with screw thread, cone or flange at the end.

Korean extrusion line was purchased and put into operation in 2013. Reinforced with textile fiber, able to withstand pressure up to 20 bar industrial hoses, automobile and tractor cooling system junction pipes and molds of various structural designs were put into production.

Extrusion line for the junction pipes, hoses, hose pipes and molds production

Rezinoplast’s design-engineering department works in close cooperation with the production department, it’s experts can create a project of a tool formation, and develop technology of the desired item production which would meet all the stated objectives and standards in the shortest terms.

Capacities of the enterprise allow to produce up to 7km of  9mm diameter oxygen hose pipe per day. There are two kinds of reinforcement: lacing and armoring, they allow production of the high quality, fade-resistant and durable rubber reinforced junction pipes.

The line allows to create gas welding, watering, pressure hoses, rubber junction pipes with diameter from 6mm to 80mm. The line is equipped with an automatic measurement system which controls the inner and outer diameters of the hoses, it allows to control the dimension and geometry at the production stage. Rezinoplast produces a range of junction pipes, primarily intended for usage in automotive and agricultural machinery for coolant supply.

Rezinoplast produces a range of junction pipes, primarily intended for usage in automotive and agricultural machinery for coolant supply. The multi-layer structure has higher oil resistance, thermal stability and fade-resistance. The products are resistant to glycol and non-aggressive chemicals. Wares withstand temporary temperature up to 120 °C. Items go through steaming in autoclave at a temperature of 160 °C and a pressure of 6 atmospheres.

The company produces round, rectangular and composite section molds.

Sealing strips of any complexity.

The high professional level of the enterprise, the usage of high quality raw materials allow us to produce goods which are capable of competing with European manufacturers.

Mechanical rubber goods quality control is performed  by product quality department at all stages: during raw materialspurchase, rubber compounds preparation and after manufacture of products. The quality is verified by the company’s laboratory which is equipped with special-purpose machinery.


Our company OOO " Rezinoplast " produces high quality rubber reinforced pipes for tractors, agricultural machinery, cars and trucks: KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, KrAZ, Gazelle, GAZ, PAZ, UAZ, URAL, Moskvich, VAZ-2101/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/2110, of LADA, NIVA, MERCEDES, DAEWOO, VOLVO, MAN, VOLKSWAGEN. For tractors: T-150, UMZ, MTZ, K-700, VALMET, URSUS, DON, BTR, NIVA harvester, forklift HYSTER, MANITOU, for combine harvesters and specialized equipment DJOHN DEERE, DEUTZ, CLAAS, NEW HOLLAND, CASE, JCB, CAT, COMATSU universal connections angular transition for cars and agricultural machinery manufacturers worldwide and customized client.


Engine cooling system rubber junction pipes for tractors, trucks and passenger cars.


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 Junction pipe kit  DAEWOO Matiz (2 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  DAEWOO Nexia (3 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  DAEWOO Sens (6 items)
   Junction pipe kit  DAEWOO Lanos  1,4 (3 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  DAEWOO Lanos (3 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  DAEWOO Lanos with air conditioner (3 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 1118 Kalina (2 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 2101/02/03/04/05/06 Aluminum (4 items)
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 2101/02/03/04/05/06 Copper (4 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 2104i, 2107i (4 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 2108 (4 items)
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 2108-2109i, 21099i, 2113-2115i (4 items)
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 2110 injector (4 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 2110 carburetor (4 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 2121 NIVA (4 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 21213 NIVA TAIGA (4 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  VAZ 2170 (3 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  GAZ 2410 (4 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  GAZ 3110. 402  (4 items)
   Junction pipe kit  GAZ 3110. 406  (5 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  GAZ 3307 D (2 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  GAZ 3310 VALDY (2 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  GAZ-52 (2 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  GAZ-53 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  GAZ-66 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  GAZELLE 3302 UNZ-4215 (5 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  GZELLE 3302 UMZ-4216 (3 items)
   Junction pipe kit  GAZELLE 402 (5 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  GAZELLE 406 (5 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  GAZELE BUSINESS УМЗ-4216 (3 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  DON
   Junction pipe kit  ZIL 5301 (2 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  ZIL GA (2 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  ZIL-130 (3 items)  
   Junction pipe kit  ZIL-130 (4 items)
   Junction pipe kit  KAMAZ (3 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  KAMAZ (4 items)
   Junction pipe kit  KAMAZ EURO (2 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  combine harvester NIWA (2 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  MAZ (3 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  MOSKVICH 2140 (4 items)  
   Junction pipe kit  MOSKVICH 2141 (4 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  MOSKVICH 412 (3 items) 
   Junction pipe kit  MTZ 1221 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  MTZ 80 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit heating DAEWOO Matiz (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit heating VAZ-1118 КALINA (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit heating VAZ-2105 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit heating VAZ-21073 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit heating VAZ-2108 injector (4 items)
   Junction pipe kit  heating VAZ-2108 salon/motor (4 items)
   Junction pipe kit  heating VAZ-2110 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  heating VAZ-2111 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  heating VAZ-2121 NIWA (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  heating VAZ-2170 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  heating GAZ 402 SET
   Junction pipe kit  heating GAZ 406 SET
   Junction pipe kit  heating ZAZ 1102-1103  (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  heating motora VAZ 2108 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  heating salona VAZ 2108 (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  heating Chevrolet Niva (2 items)
   Junction pipe kit  PAZ-3205 (5 items)
   Junction pipe kit  KRAZ 6437-6510 (3 items)
   Junction pipe kit  SUPER-MAZ (3 items)
   Junction pipe kit  Т-150 150-1303000 (8 items)
   Junction pipe kit  TAVRRY ZAZ 1102 (5 items)
   Kit of turbocharger fittings TKR-6 (3 items)
   Junction pipe kit  UAZ 451D (3 items)
   Junction pipe kit UAZ motor 100 l.s (5 items)
   Junction pipe kit  URAL (3 items)
   Junction pipe kit  Chevrolet Aveo (2 items)
Non standart pipe (nozzle)
   Pipe 11717846
   Pipe d=100 l=1000
   Pipe d=16 l=200х200
   Pipe d=18 l=200х200
   Pipe d=20 l=150х150
   Pipe d=24 l= 140x47
   Pipe d=24 l= 450
   Pipe d=26 l=150х150
   Pipe d=26-32 l=150х150
   Pipe d=26-38 l=150х150
   Pipe d=32 l=150х150
   Pipe d=32-38 l=150х150
   Pipe d=32-45 l=200х200
   Pipe d=38 l=150х150
   Pipe d=38 l=300х400
   Pipe d=42 l=200х200
   Pipe d=42-52 l=3000
   Pipe d=45 l=200х200
   Pipe d=45-60 l=200х200
   Pipe d=50 l=200х200
   Pipe d=50 l=350х300
   Pipe d=54 l=2000
   Pipe d=57 l=160
   Pipe d=60 l=150х150
   Pipe d=60 l=200х200
   universal pipe smooth  d=33 l=75
   universal pipe smooth d=38 l=75
   Pipe inlet port 84286727 (Case Magnum/New Holland T8)
   Excavator pipe KOMATSU bottom vidvidny
   Pipe Intercooler connector  FOTON 01256А3
   Gearbox traktor VALMET


Universal fittings, angles, adapters, pipes of any diameter and any complexity, for all types of machinery and equipment.


 Патрубок-системы-охлаждение экскаватора-JCB-330-ME-333-К3295 Патрубок-системы-охлаждение экскаватора-JCB-330-ME

We produce a huge amount of various mechanical rubber goods

Our ticket to success is high-quality products and experienced staff!

Be our client and you will see all the advantages of working with us!

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The company LLC "Rezinoplast" provides services throughout Ukraine and supplies its products to any city of Ukraine, in particular to such cities as Dnipro, Kyiv, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv, Kherson, Vinnitsa, Mariupol, Kremenchug, Kropivnytsky, Krivoy Rog , Zhytomyr, Melitopol, Chernigov, Chernivtsi, Nikolaev, Lutsk, Poltava, Sumy, Volyn, Rivne, Khmelnitsk and many other cities and also we supply rubber products of our production to such countries as: Germany, France, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, countries of near and far abroad. One of the most important goals of the enterprise is the production of high-quality products and its supply to the countries of the European Union. 

Quality products from the manufacturing plant RTI products 
 OOO «Rezinoplast»

The quality of all products is very high and confirmed quality certificate  Logotip TÜV SÜD ISO 90012008