Oiltight products of silicone compounded rubbers: gaskets, rings, cuffs, sealings

Oiltight general mechanical rubber goods GMRG of silicone compounded rubbers: gaskets, rings, cuffs, sealings, bushings and other details.

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Our enterprise LLC "Rezinoplast" manufactures quality raw compounded rubber:

  • weather-resistant (ozone-resistant) ( from  -50 to +250°C, for a short period up  to 300°C);

         From the list of weather-resistant (ozone-resistant) silicone compounded rubbers we manufacture:

sealing molds of different cross-sections, forthermostatic equipment( smokehouses, mini bakeries, drying machines, autoclave press etc.)

         From the list of oil tight silicone compounded rubber we manufacture different:

gaskets, rings, cuffs, bushings, oil-seals, sealings and other rubber technical  details for various assemblies , mechanisms and engines, that can be exploited at high temperatures for a long period.

We manufacture silicone compounded rubber of the following brand analogues:

         ИРП-1338, ИРП-1339, ИРП-1401, К-69.

If you have any questions concerning purchasing silicone compounded rubber goods, please contact Igor Anatolievich 067-632-41-18.

If you need to manufacture quality oil tight and ozone-resistant goods made of silicone compounded rubber - then Our plant LLC “Rezinoplast” is at your service. Contact us! ”

Накартинке - Silicone oil tight rings

Накартинке - Sealing mold of any difficulty

Накартинке - Silicone  rubber, oil tight rings


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Silicone oil tight items are widely used in modern manufacture. They are used to manufacture silicone rings, bushings, sealings, molds, formers, silencers, nonstandard items and many others.  If you need to manufacture silicone items which are of high quality, functional and safe, then you need to use our services! Plant  LLC«Rezinoplast» manufactures GMRG of silicone compounded rubbers on high tech innovational equipment that will result in amazing results! 

 Our highly professional manufacture, competence, skills of our specialists let us create silicone compounded rubber products that embody the highest quality, practicality, functionality and reliability! Out of weather-resistant silicone compounded rubber we create sealing molds of different cross-sections for thermostatics (of smokehouses, drying machines, baking machines).

Out of oil tight silicone compounded rubbers we manufacture oil tight and ozone-resistant items: gaskets, sealings and GMRG, which are used for mechanisms, engines and various assemblies, which are being exploited at high temperatures for a long period. Our silicone products have a great range of advantages, that makes possible use them there where traditional elastomers are unsuitable.

Manufacture of silicone compounded rubber items by company LLC “Rezinoplast” - one of the most influential and respected enterprises. We have managed to earn respect of a wide circle of consumers, you can also become a part of which if you try out our high class services and see the great range of advantages!

Quality products from General mechanical rubber goods production plant LLC «Rezinoplast»


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 LLC «Rezinoplast»

The quality of all products is very high and confirmed quality certificate  Logotip TÜV SÜD ISO 90012008