Dust caps and dust guards

Dust caps and dust guards

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Dust cap is a protective housing or cover intended to protect nodes of different mechanisms from foreign disperse particles, such as dust, sand, road grime, and so on.

The car dust caps are used to protect constant velocity joint, steering gear connection, shock absorbers and so on.

Advanced materials are used for dust caps production.

The presented models have different sizes, and provide drive gear protection. The company produces high-quality rubber dust guards and dust caps of the following types and sizes:

Dust cap 22х4

Dust cap 30х5

Dust cap 35х6

Dust cap 60-15-12300 (nozzle СМД, Д-65)

Hydraulic strip machine dust cap

Steering hydraulic cylinder dust cap ХТЗД 606.1200.07

Nozzle dust cap Д-240

Dust guard 54.32.430-Б

Dust guard 55-47-596А

Dust guard 70С-32.01.141

Dust guard 70С-3404167-01

Dust guard 82.6-4713334

Dust guard А35.25.014 Т-25

Dust guard А35.32.005 (steer link finger MTZ, UMZ)

Dust guard А35.32.005Е

Brake wheel dust guard MTZ, UMZ 45-3502202-61

Brake jacket dust guard MTZ 50-3502202

Protective dust guard for a steering finger 130-3003074-би

Dust guard for a steering knuckle axle Т-40

Transmission gear box dust guard MTZ 50-1702236

Transmission control mechanism dust guard 40589

Axe blade dust guard 760.84.09

Axe blade dust guard 760.84.09-01

Dust guard Р75-056М

Dust guard РП70.209

Steer link dust guard GAZ-53 (armoured)

Steer link dust guard GAZ -53 (rubber workpiece)

Frame seal dust guard 54.31.409

Dust guard ФГ-305П.00.00.12

Variator cylinder dust guard 54-01054

Link dust guard 1220-3003025

Steering column extension gaiter MTZ 80-3805012Б

Power cylinder protective cover 1602543

Мouthpiece protective cover Kamaz 3414074

Please contact our managers if you did not find the desired gasket in this list  to clarify the stock availability. Perhaps we have already produced the item.

If you want to set up the production of these items in our company, contact the engineering department for the mold’s cost calculation.

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