Delasso Solid tires for forklift trucks ( heavy-duty airless tire rubber )

We produce high quality Solid massive Delasso tires for forklifts.
( High-strength tires and tires, tires airless tire - Premium tires )

We produce high quality Solid massive Delasso tires for forklifts.  ( High-strength tires and tires, tires airless tire - Premium tires )

Tires "Delasso" Forklift wear-resistant, durable and have high operating comfort. Our modern production technology ensures enhanced tire durability and resistance to cracking, wear comfortable, soft ride, maximum performance forklift. The main objective of forklift tires to provide good traction and braking properties, as well as the necessary gruzopodenosti and manageability. Solid tire class << Delasso >> << Premium >> fully meet these requirements.
They are resistant to cuts, lateral and mechanical shock , and corrosive environments ( oil, acid and alkali) . Solid tire ( airless tire ) are 1.5-2 times longer as compared with pneumatic tires . They are easy to use , so there is no need to monitor tire pressure , and periodically to pump it . Solid tires "Delasso" interchangeably with pneumatic and can be mounted on the same rims . This allows you to act on the situation and find the right type of tire for the site-specific works.


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Solid tires "Delasso" are produced in standard black and white - "Non-Marking". Tires "Non-Marking" indispensable where put forward stringent requirements for purity , as they do not leave marks on the work surface .Tires "Delasso", depending on the method of fixing the rim , available in two types : mounted in a standard way and fast- system "Quick-lock" ( the support ring function assumes tight rubber protrusion extending along the outer edge of the tire base )


One subspecies tselnolityh tires "Delasso" - are tires with the side hole SolidAir. Due to the design of the sidewall of the tire type provides improved heat dissipation, low vibration and good cushioning properties. By driving comfort SolidAir not inferior to pneumatic tires. Tires of our high production quality and durable in use. All models are manufactured with the latest developments on the basis of high-quality mixture. Solid tires are manufactured by a revolutionary technology that allows the use of five layers.


Solid tires DELASSO R- 101 has high performance in its class.  

The tread pattern R- 101 provides:

• improved braking properties

• easier , comfortable and safe control truck on a dirt road and slippery

• increase cornering stability

• excellent traction in off-road conditions


Deep tread tires cast DELASSO R- 102 is used in confined spaces and extends its life.


The tread pattern R- 102 provides:

• Reducing the swing resistance

• improved lateral stability

• easier handling truck

• improved grip

• greater contact area with the surface

• noiseless movement



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