Corner protection of walls and columns (corner parking damper, rubber bump stop)



Corner protection of walls and columns

(corner parking damper, rubber bump stop)


Corner protection of walls and columns


 Угловая резиновая защита стен и колоннУгловая резиновая защита стен и колоннУгловая резиновая защита стен и колонн


Corner rubber protection - corner parking damper, rubber bump stop (rubber corner), which protects motor vehicles from collisions on the corners of walls and columns of buildings, thereby protecting them from undesirable consequences and damage caused by these actions.

Product dimensions:

length: 785 mm.
width: 110 mm.
height: 68 mm.
Weight: 1,600 kg.

Rubber protection (corner parking damper) for walls reliably protects the surface of buildings and vehicles. For better visibility, bright reflective strips of 3M ™ Stamark ™ A650 series polymer tape are applied to the wall bumpers at night. Fastening is anchored to the facades of buildings and any other surfaces that need protection. Corner protection of walls and columns are made of high quality rubber sms. The bump stop to protect the corners reliably protects the corners from impacts, eliminating damage to vehicles and building construction.


Corner protection of walls and columns


Corner parking dampers can often be used in all places where there is an increased flow of various vehicles or too little space for maneuvers, especially as protection for columns and walls. Protection corner parking can protect vehicles from accidental scratches and dents or other similar damage. Thus, when it is installed on a column or wall of a room, the vehicle or special equipment of the warehouses is preserved from damage during minor contact with the columns or corners on cramped spaces and parking lots.

Corner rubber protection is an indispensable element in parking lots and warehouses. It allows you to save your and other people's property, buildings. By itself, the corner protection is quite cheap, but as a result, it allows a good saving on the repair of buildings and transport. In addition, the installation of protection (corner damper, rubber bump stop) and, if necessary, its replacement is carried out as simply and quickly as possible.


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